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Added Unicode and Youtube support.

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No bugs found in Recruiting Parser heretofore.

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Free BBCode parser, with Extras

Welcome to Recruiting Parser pages, a home of probably the best free BBcode parser, with eXtras!

Recruiting Parser is a free product from Recruiting Grounds to help people on every input. It is made especially for these who are Internet newcorners and don't know anything about HTML code.

It's integration to web pages is extremely easy. Basic application is made in only one file. One file is enough to run Recruiting Parser. However, if you want to use external extras, you need to use Recruiting Parsers' .ini (information) file and proper Extras File.

Development of first version of Recruiting Parser lasted for a long year and it covered a lot of aspects of modern web programming - from line handling, towards advanced parsing and text editing, to communicating to Recruiting Parsers' base server (this site) to obtain latest product version.

About the application license - Recruiting Parser is completely free, and you can freely edit its source code. However, we hope you will post that change on our forum, Forum Grounds. None of extras cost, either. As the site's sections, including mail list!

Now, where did I get the idea to make Recruiting Parser? Well, there's another part of Recruiting Grounds family, the PM Grounds, which is a project about sending Private Messages, similar to E-mails, but more reliable and with some extras. This was on Summer 2006. So it basically all relies on text, right? That's why I decided I need to make a BBCode application to let people transform BBCode to browser-readable HTML tags. My idea was to make an simple BBCode application with basic parsing, not even meant for distributing, but I began to develop it more and more. Some time after that, I completely stopped PM Grounds development and got my mind completely on Recruiting Parser.

» Major Features

  • over 25 case-insensitive different tags
  • incredibly easy set up
  • automatic correction for badly formated tags
  • protection against tags that would cause page crash
  • protection against spam-robots (mails get crypted)
  • 16 different smilies bundled
  • deparse function - parse and deparse how many times you want
  • built-in updates - check if a newer version is available, whenever you want
  • open code
  • reprogrammable & extensible

In future Base sections you can find some specific information. Versions are tracked in Releases section. There, you can also signup for a mail list and receive notifications about new releases. Detailed manual is also available. You can download Recruiting Parser in Download section. You can find more about extras in Extras section. Bugtracker is made for you - post found bugs, and so is Wishlist, where you can post your wishes about Recruiting Parser.

Finally, Recruiting Parser's Base offers you a demo of Recruiting Parser. All instructions are provided in Manual. Write anything you want. Enjoy!

» See Recruiting Parser in action (codes explained)